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General information

Many years, China is a leader of export goods and services. That is why freight shipments from China are the most demanded service in the world, especially container freights from China. It was the reason for logistic companies devise various combinations of freights from China. Nowadays it is common to use all the kinds of freight. Choice depends on type of goods. Moreover, Belarus and China have beneficial terms of partnership.

What ways of transportation from China to Belarus are available?

Being a company with a big experience, Emons can conduct your freight from China via all kinds of transport. It enables our company to offer you the best variants.

  • Air transport. One of its advantages is existence of the direct itinerary. Because of that airfreight from China is the swiftest one. Mainly, airfreight shipment takes 3-7 days plus customs clearance.
  • Rail transport. It combines itself many advantages: heavy load capacity, accurate dates of conveyance, universalism, relatively low price, etc. Conveyance via rail usually takes 24-26 days.
  • Sea transport. Cargos transported in containers. They protect goods from mechanical damage and natural impact. Container freight from China to Belarus takes 45-50 days.
  • Road transport. Emons conducts export custom clearance in Manchuria (territory of China). Approximate time of transportation – 10-14 days.
What kinds of cargo are available for transportation?
  • General cargo;
  • Outsized cargo;
  • Perishables;
  • Hazardous goods, etc.

All kinds of cargos you can freight via all types of transport. However, you can contact our specialists. That is how our specialists can advise you the best way of transportation.

Which transportations carried out depending on the size of the cargo?

Our company is available for delivery of goods:

- In full-size batches;

- As a part of groupage cargoes;

- Oversized cargoes.

Our comprehensive range of services for freight from China

Emons intends to make a process of freight convenient.

  • Customs clearance on the territory of China;
  • Export declaration;
  • Provision of insurance;
  • Warehousing in Russia, Europe, and Ukraine.

Our company expands field of opportunities for you to be pleased with freight of your cargo.

What directions from China are available for us?

Except for Belarus, we conduct conveyance to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Our pursuit of development of our affiliate network enables us to expand geography of freights.

How to contact us?

Phone: +375 17 336 85 85, +7 812 309 52 17


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