Emons Expedition is a reliable contractor in the field of cargo transportation worldwide by all types of transport. Almost a century of the holding company's development history allows us to guarantee reliability and professional approach to international cargo transportation.

When choosing a contractor for cargo delivery, it is important to calculate all the options for transportation and choose the most convenient - for someone at the fastest, for someone at the most advantageous price, and for someone it is important to do both. We are ready to provide all options, because we provide a full range of services of international cargo transportation.

Do you need an express delivery?

For the express transport of goods for long distances (Paris-Moscow), air transport can take cargo weighing up to 150 tons. The most detailed calculations depend on many factors: dimensions, cargo weight, weather conditions. For more information, please contact our specialists who are qualified to meet the requirements of the IATA Resolution.

However, for the transportation of small consignments of goods from Germany to Belarus, road delivery will be faster. Average terms of transit by low-tonnage transport will be 3+ days.

Road transport is the most popular type of cargo transportation

The first cars with the Emons Spedition logo appeared in 1928. We can calculate the cost of vehicles from anywhere in Eurasia. The main advantages of the choice of transportation by truck are:

  • Reducing the cost of delivery in the formation of prefabricated cars;
  • The most complied with transit terms;
  • Accessibility of the control over a site of a cargo;

Complete and groupage cargoes, organization of removal from the port by container carriers, transportation of dangerous and oversized cargoes - all these types of transportation are possible with the use of trucks. A wide network of contractors helps us to find a suitable variant of delivery of imported goods to Belarus and Russia in the shortest possible time.

Multimodal deliveries – is convenient and profitable!

When the transit time is not such an important criterion when choosing transport for shipments from Asia, South and North America, Australia, it is necessary to pay attention to the multimodal delivery. Combinations: sea + truck or railway + truck, allow you to deliver the cargo from any point to the port or station of departure, wait for the cargo to overcome the sea or railway part of the way and then get it at the temporary storage warehouse.

Full service:

In addition, Emons is ready to provide a service on

  • Storage of cargo in customs warehouses in Europe
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Customs clearance in Europe.

You do not need to worry about the whole process of transportation, because our specialists are responsible for the complete documentation, information about the location of the cargo, advice on any questions arising during the transportation.

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